Why is Abu Qatada allowed to stay in UK?

It is ridiculous that Abu Qatada is still in the UK, and that he hasn’t been sent back to Jordan to be tried for his terrorism trials and war crimes. He is a dangerous person and a terrorist who, because of international courts, has been called a refugee. Because of that, he’s been given the right to stay at large here in the UK and live as a free man, since the courts feel he cannot be given a free trial in Jordan.

To be honest, though, I don’t think that’s our problem here in Britain. We aren’t an arbiter of courts and international justice when it comes to avoiding life and security at home, and we need to first protect and serve our citizens instead of foreign nationals who may be harboring some sort of security threat towards our people and our government.

It is unbelievable that he’s been able to stay in the country for so many years, and that there haven’t been any consequences here except for relatively short prison sentences that don’t do much for his background or goals.

He’s been closely tied to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida, and his presence in the United Kingdom just isn’t wanted. We need him out of the country, since everyone – even up to our own Prime Minister David Cameron – sees him as a threat to national security.

Our national security should be paramount to any international decisions we make with Jordan, the European Union, or any other nation or organization. Nothing international should trump our national security and focus on our own people and land. Abu Qatada is a prime example of this, and one area where the courts have really let us down.

Sure, I appreciate that they are protecting him from an unfair trial in Jordan, and that would be a serious issues to go through in that nation, but why then must he become our problem and our citizen, effectively, if he has harbored the thoughts and actions of harming the West and working with Al Qaida? Unacceptable!

Here’s hoping that this 11-year legal battle that has grown out of this issue will be resolved and taken care of, and that Mr. Qatada can leave our country without any sort of fanfare or any more time spent in London. He might be a threat to our government, and us and it is frustrating that we cannot seem to see the need to have him removed and banished from returning!

The man has already been convicted of terrorism charges 15 years ago in Jordan – he’s not only accused, but also a walking fugitive. Why we let him into our country, I will never know, but it is surely time to have him removed for good and deported back to Jordan, or elsewhere to a country that will grant him asylum!

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