Welcome to my new blog

Thanks for bearing with me while my site had some downtime. I have switched hosts and platforms. I will reinstate some of my old posts as time goes by.

My decision to quit blogger and move over to this format was difficult as I was using the other for so long. I should have switched years ago! Hey ho. Hopefully my blogger regulars will join me here though after being dormant for so long I don’t expect anything.

I have a web designer making a snazzy new design for me but he advised me to start sooner rather than later with some new content for the site and he will add the fancy bits later. Even at the simple level of this I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing so I expect I will be looking for a wordpress for dummies type of publication. But, so far, typing is just typing.

Any tips and tricks for wordpress will be gratefully received. No doubt I will spend lots of time testing all the gadgets I have already been warned to stay away from certain bits (Permalinks, whatever that is). And what the hell is the difference between a post and a page? I can see I might struggle.

So, I will sign off for now and click publish :) I hope that my few reader will join me here but if you don’t I don’t mind, it’s more for me than for you if the truth is known! Thanks to all my friends for pushing me back to the keyboard.

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